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医生病人肝脏签名 以烙印方式在肝脏留下签名

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导读:   据“英国广播公司”报道,53岁的外科医生西蒙(Simon Bramhall)在伊丽莎白女王医院任职长达10年,是当地有名的肝脏移

   据“英国广播公司”报道,53岁的外科医生西蒙(Simon Bramhall)在伊丽莎白女王医院任职长达10年,是当地有名的肝脏移植专家。他被英国皇家检控署控告两项罪名,其中包括一项“实际物理伤害罪”。





  According to the Broadcasting British Corporation, Simon, a 53 year old surgeon, has worked in Queen Elizabeth hospital for 10 years, and is a well-known liver transplant specialist in the world, Simon Bramhall. He was charged with two charges by the Royal prosecution service, including a "physical injury crime".

  Simon had "branded" his name "SB" in the liver of 2 patients during the operation. Usually, doctors in transplantation will use the cryopreservation technology of non-toxic argon helium to prevent liver bleeding, or burn the liver surface to outline the operative area, but Simon uses argon helium knife to print the signature on the liver surface of the patient.

  Simon was exposed to Simon's signature on the liver of the transplant, and was reported to the hospital when he found a doctor's revisit to the patient. The Royal Prosecution Service said Simon was "abusing the patients to trust him" and to "attack" the patients with illegal force. The patient's rights organization rebukes that the patient's organ is not a book with a personal signature.


  In the December 13th trial, Simon confessed his "signature" behavior on the patient's liver. He said his motive was just for remembrance, and it didn't hurt the patient. He refused to admit that he had attacked the patient. It is understood that the case will be sentenced in January 12, 2018.